We Are the Wild: A Poem of Sorts

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We don’t go to the wild to escape.

It doesn’t save us, doesn’t alter who we are.

Our problems don’t disappear.

There isn’t some magical fairy out there in the woods, telling us the right direction to run or what to build.

The wild doesn’t redeem us.

No, the wild isn’t our friend.

It doesn’t offer us a cup of coffee or give us advice. We don’t go to the wild to “get away.”


Because the wild IS us.

The wild is where we were born and thus the wild is where we return, if only to be reminded of all the things we already are, the truths that have always resided within us.

It has been our home and always will be, so we keep going back, dropping ourselves on mother natures doorstep, ultimately remembering what is real and what it is that makes us whole.

We don’t go to the wild to escape, no, we go to the wild to return.

We go to the wild to believe again, to seek truth once more, so that the next time we are challenged, we don’t have to escape, rather, we can become the solution.

We are the wild, and we are here to stay.


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