I See You In The Land

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Today is my mother’s birthday.

I was going to write some ridiculous post about how much I love my mom and explain how much she means to me, but I’m just not going to do that. I won’t tell you how old she is, or how many knee surgeries she’s had. I won’t tell you about the fights we’ve had, or try to win you over by telling you how she is the “best mom in the world” just like everyone else’s. I won’t tell you about how she and my father tried for 10 years to have a kid, or how when I was removed from my mother’s stomach, I could have died.

No, I’m going to honor her in the best way I know how. Here’s a poem, for you, mom. Happy birthday.


i see you in the land


there you are

the vast stretches of open spaces

mother nature’s skin

warmth settling on mine

too hot for this weary dog

the desert sun is so long, so drawn out

almost loving the earth too much

is that what it’s like for you, mother?

cacti never swaying in the wind


i took a bath in the sea yesterday

to wash off the desert

and thought about how much you love the ocean

picking up a shell, turning it over in my weathered hands

grains of sand strewn across lines in my palms

lines i received from you

hands that wrote this poem




now, the utter realization that without this day

i could not exist exactly as i am

sitting, dog resting, on the shaded porch

of this Ramona coffee shop

red and white checkered table cloths

coffee slowly cooling with each written word

other people’s lives

passing on surrounding streets


i hiked to a desert oasis last night

not a single person was there

so i sat on the highest cliff

above aquamarine water

where right at water’s edge

a single, full-grown tree grew precisely

next to where the water trickled down

i couldn’t help but see your face

in that of the rock wall

aged in beautiful lines of red and silver

the tree, thriving, alone in the desert sandstone

unaware of the vastness of it all







  1. Katie Garramone

    Thank you so much. You are an awesome son, a successful writer, photographer, and so much more. I love you more than the land, the sea and life itself.
    Thank you for being the best son a mother could ask for.
    I am so proud of you.
    Love always, God bless you!

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