Get Me Drunk So I’ll Forget…

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The beautiful, mysterious Big Sur

Stretches her spine along these rugged shores

Massaged by waves, her sea of emotion

Running this coastal highway

Her condensation tear-drops down my windows

As morning fog rolls in

With cars full of awe-inspired people

Indifferent people, vagabonds, the rich, the young, the old

Lovers with candy red cars to match the lipstick

Riding her love, exploiting her kindness

They never really get to know her

Like I do


Top down, topless on sandy shores

Shameless nights and playful days

Drunk with her love

That gushy, salty, sweaty Kerouac drunk

She always gets me

I want to uncover all her secrets

As she whispers in my ear the ocean breeze

Running branches though my hair

Much older and wiser than I

Held gently underneath her canopies

Exposed to her harsh and guiding light

Until the tears turn to trickling sweat

Cleansing my deep and porous soul

The sands of time pouring in

Countless hours burning memories under the stars

Because who really wants to remember

The day they ran this highway through her heart

At least these mountains hold her soul

As they hold mine now

On the shelf that holds this setting sun


I promise I will never tell

If you promise to never forget

These memories I leave with you tonight





3 Responses

  1. nina

    “Because who really wants to remember

    The day they ran this highway through her heart

    At least these mountains hold her soul

    As they hold mine now”

    love this part the most -Nina-

    • Louie Garramone

      Thank you Nina! Sorry for the delayed response. My site was down for awhile 🙂

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