Growing up, my brother and my father taught me everything they knew about fishing.

I’ve been taking adventures to the river since I was a little boy, and this instilled in me a natural desire for the wild.

Since then, I’ve been exploring my home state of Colorado for years now. I’ve lived in various cities in Colorado, including Golden, Steamboat, Crested Butte, and Fort Collins. I like to (try to) catch fish with my bare hands, smoke wooden pipes, read authors like Kerouac and Keats, and bathe fully nude in natural springs.

I own a rocking chair.

I own an ornery, fluffy adventurous white Husky with a colorful personality. She’s usually the one covered in mud.

I am the founder of The World Is Wild.

With this website, I hope to bring you some of the most interesting people, places and perspectives from around the globe. The first chapter of my adventures starts within the heart of the open road, from the mountains of Colorado to the shores of San Diego and northward from there. My goal is to rediscover the America that Kerouac knew, the America that brought you the Beats, the hippies, the dirtbag rock climbers, the free spirits, the modern extreme athletes, the vagabonds, the artists, and anyone else wild enough to drop everything to simply explore. This is where my heart resides. Leave your cubicle and your suits at home, and come find out why the world is truly wild.

Oh, and it may be dangerous, so bring a life jacket and a pocket knife. Just in case you have to whittle a spear.

Blue Mooned