Denali…. “sigh”

Denali is a dog. Sort of.

At 8 weeks, a couple brought her home. Between her and their other large husky, they could barely keep up.

At 3 years, the couple had a baby. Denali is kind of an alpha female, so they didn’t want her to eat the baby (just kidding).

She was very high energy, and may (but probably not) have been too rambunctious with the child. They gave her to me instead.

The second day I got her, she went with me to my best friend’s house, went into the backyard, knocked a baby bird out of a nest on the wall, chased it into a bush, and swallowed it whole.

Denali has a very kind soul.

OK, you’re probably thinking “how in this wild world does she have a kind soul if she chomps on baby birds!?” Denali is a Husky, and huskies are close to wolves. They have a natural urge to hunt. Birds, squirrels, mice, snakes, bugs (although she doesn’t like the taste), rabbits, children (hide your kids) (just kidding), deer, mountain lions, and bighorn sheep (yes, she chased a whole herd of sheep up the side of a 14er once…and lived to tell the tale).

Denali likes long walks on the beach. And through the woods. And up mountains, ski slopes, whole towns, horse stables, coffee chops (they were terrified), rivers, and around your neighborhood when she runs away (she’s 7 now so I’ve trained her to stay pretty well).

She likes salad. Salsa is a bit spicy for her.

She will do almost anything for a treat. If I pull out a piece of jerky, she will sit, lay down, and roll over without me even giving her the command. I tried to tell her this isn’t how it works, but she’s kind of smart…er, yeah.

She stole a whole block of cheese off of the counter at my ma’s house. My mother was not pleased.

On one hike, she was hunting, and bit down on a baby porcupine. The vet removed 50 quills from the inside of her mouth and she was drugged for days. Couldn’t even walk straight.

Overall, she’s a really good dog. Perfect for exploring wild America with me.

And, as you can tell, she is a model. If anyone needs her for a photo shoot, let me know. She does leashes, collars, harnesses, plastic cones, and yoga attire. No hats, booties, vests or shirts please. She will rip them off. Violently.

Photo Jun 20, 4 41 23 PM