Get Twisted: Denali Grabs a Beer by the Beach

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Sometimes the road and the beach have you so parched that you just have to stop and have a good craft beer to wash down the setting sun. Coming from Colorado breweries, I’ve developed a palette that loves IPAs, sours, and tangy, hoppy beers that can’t be too sweet. So when I stepped these weary traveling bones into Twisted Manzanitas Tasting Room at Pacific Beach, I was delightfully surprised. Their tasting room is a block from the shores of the pacific ocean, and they are dog friendly – which Denali loves.



We walked in the door at 4652 Mission Blvd., and were instantly greeted by a strapping young gentleman with long blonde hair and and a smile that could only come from living by the beach. He offered us a place to sit, water for Denali, a taster of whatever we wanted to try, and some good tunes. We sat for a minute and watched the people passing by on the street, imagining their long days on the beach or their full stomachs from the food aromas wafting through the door. This was a beer lover’s paradise.




Denali had the Chaotic Double IPA (she loves the high ABV brews) and I went for the Limited Sour. She wouldn’t give me a taste of it, so I took her word that it was delicious and sipped my sour while I contemplated the day and the journey that lay in front of us towards the granite domes of Yosemite National Park and the desert/forest terrain that we were about to traverse. The road trip was off to a grand start, and we were thick in the salty, heavy air of the Pacific. Loneliness comes with the thrill of the road, so good conversation and refreshing beer hit the spot.




When Denali finished her delicious San Diego beer, she plopped down on that cold cement and started snoring like a dog….er, human. I sat outside, puffed an American Spirit, and had a conversation with the bartender, realizing that he was from Oregon. He recommended some good rafting and waterfalls that he said we should visit. The energy at Twisted Manzanitas was amazing, and the only reason it was semi-empty was because everyone was waiting until 7PM, when locals come from all over gather for trivia night in downtown Pacific Beach. It felt good to realize that we had successfully made it halfway across the country with a car full of electronics, food, bedding and enough excitement and vigor to start a revolution (which we intend to do).

It seems Colorado isn’t the only place with good people who craft delicious beer. Stay wild, friends.




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  1. Debbie Morvay

    Enjoying your blogs Louie! Glad your doing ok and enjoying the west coast! Wish I was sitting on the beach drinking a beer with you! Enjoy & take care!

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