A Husky In Santa Barbara

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The world has a myriad of beautiful natural moments, and I believe that although the city life can be frantic, overwhelming, dirty and hedonistic, civilization is part of human evolution – and nature. We created society, and while it has its ups and downs, it’s our habitat and we are immersed in it daily. Cities can be gorgeous – or they can be hideous. Whether we call it progress or regression, humanity builds these big, beautiful bright cities and towns – but can also turn them into chaotic, environmentally inept metropolises where tourists and locals clash in a fury of shopping centers, marketing schemes, social gatherings, facades and realities.

We buy, sell, see, smell, say, create, express and pursue in the heart of cities, and the California coast is littered with towns attracting thousands of people weekly from all over the world. Santa Barabara is no exception, from beach bums, surfers and skaters lacing it’s backroads and coastline, to foreign tourists consuming and cruising the streets like there is not enough to see in their short-lived time on main street.

I took Denali out for a day in one particularly sensory place – Santa Barbara – and rather than try to explain how she felt, what she saw, and how she reacted to such a wild, bustling place, I created a gallery of photographs that just might explain the stimulation a husky might experience in one day wandering the unique and wonderfully chaotic streets it has to offer.

Click on any image to open the gallery and scroll through full-size versions of the photos. Enjoy.


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